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With hundreds of four-wheel-drive tracks peppered across Western Australia, maintaining and preserving these tracks without impacting surrounding environments is a top priority for Track Care WA – a four-wheel-drive group which promotes sustainable conservation of natural environments.

Track Care WA Treasurer Graham Weber is set to speak at Perth’s Caravan and Camping Show and plans to discuss the organisations background, its projects, volunteers and recent achievements.

As an environmentalist and four-wheeldrive enthusiast, Mr Weber said it was important to make drivers aware of the areas they drive on and near.

Photo credit: Track Care WA

“Off-road driving and activity can cause a lot of damage to precious landscapes which need protecting,” he said.

“Making drivers more environmentally aware is something Track Care WA works to do.”

Track Care WA is involved with the Tending the Tracks alliance – a partnership which was formed in 2018 between the Conservation Council of WA and other four-wheel-drive and off-road recreational organisations.

“Track Care WA teamed up with nature conservationists to form the Tending the Tracks alliance,” Mr Weber said.

“However, we also take on a number of projects each year, usually in partnership with other clubs and organisations. Most projects have been on the Canning Stock Route and, more recently, the Rangelands.”

A positive success story for Track Care WA was the protection of important clay-based wetlands in the Wandoo National Park.

“This was a collaborative effort between Track Care WA, the Department of Biodiversity and the Motor Trade Association of WA,” Mr Weber said.

“The unique partnership helped raise awareness about the natural values of these wetlands and developed strategies to minimise and monitor any damage being done.”

Mr Weber said Track Care WA wants to preserve four-wheel-drive tracks for generations to come.

“Our organisation is focused on supporting organisations, government bodies and programs in the sustainable management and environmental protection of vehicular tracks, including those of  cultural and heritage significance,” he said.

“We don’t want to see four-wheel-drive tracks shut down due to people acting inappropriately.

“Our message is to tread lightly and take out what you take in. And in some cases, leave the area even better than how you found it.”

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