NORTH Or SOUTH – Which WINTER CAMPING Experience Are You Chasing?

As the winter months roll around in WA you can look in any direction and head out on a new adventure, each one diverse and completely different.

Whether it’s tall trees and the smell of rain on fresh earth or warm sun and the sea breeze on your skin, WA really does have it all so what type of caravan or camping trip are you chasing?

We’ve got all the inspiration right here for you…

If your idea of winter is the sound of soft rain falling to create fresh forest scents in the crisp air, the warmth of a crackling campfire, and waking up to lush greenery and gentle condensation on your windows, then a winter trip down south is for you.

Cosy Campfire

Everyone knows the cosy atmosphere created by a campfire. A good crackle and a hearty glow create a warm feeling to centre around for your campsite activities. Why not toast marshmallows too? Such a classic campfire activity, it’s a blend of nostalgia and happiness rolled into one sticky and sweet treat. Please remember to always check with the park or location you are staying that campfires are permitted and the policy of how the fire should be contained.


If it’s bushwalks you’re looking for then the South West is for you. Walking is a great way to experience the natural landscapes and immerse yourself in the experience of a region. There is no shortage of walking trails in the South West and whether you are after a short stroll or a hiking adventure, there’s a trail to suit your interests and ability.

Mountain Biking

There is an outstanding network of mountain biking and cycling trails in the South West with options for casual riders to serious mountain bikers. Explore paths that lead into the heart of the region’s wildflower country, native forests, and coastline for spectacular views and a lot of fun.


Winter is a magical time to see waterfalls in the south west as they come to life from seasonal rain. There are lots of wonderful waterfalls to visit such as Beedelup Falls near Pemberton, Fernhook Falls in Walpole, and Quinninup Falls along the Cape to Cape Track in Margaret River for a wilderness adventure.


The coastline in the South West offers up world-class surf and the region has been a surfing hub for nearly 50 years when surfers started migrating to the Margaret River region. If you’re not one to hang ten and catch a wave then you can still enjoy this activity from the shore. Visit the famed Surfers Point, 10 kilometres from Margaret River town as this is the perfect vantage point for watching the local surfers.

Beach Driving

Put your 4WD skills to the test and have some fun soaring along the beach or scrambling up sand dunes with some incredible beach drives along the amazing south coast. Our top picks are in Esperance, Bremer Bay, Pemberton, and Margaret River.

Whale Watching

The South West has one of the longest whale migration periods in the world, spanning from May to early December annually. You can spot humpbacks, southern right, and blue whales with some of the best spots to see them from the shoreline dotted along the south coast from Augusta to Cheynes Beach.


We don’t need to tell you why a trip to the south west isn’t complete without some trips to the wineries. The Margaret River region is famed for its quality wine and density of vineyards meaning it is easy to hop between them and get warm inside with a few nice drops and a hearty meal along the way.

Farmers Markets

The southern regions of WA ripe for feasting on nature’s pantry. The region has many farmers markets stocking all the best local produce so make sure you drop by and see what’s on offer.

Photo: Mandalay Holiday Resort & Tourist Park

Stylish Glamping

Australia’s South West is only a short drive from Perth and perfect if you’re looking for a romantic weekend getaway… and you don’t even need to pack the tent! You can relax in style, hanging out with friends, family, or a romantic couple’s weekend. Glamping tents are available at many locations down south including Amblin Holiday ParkGracetown Caravan Park, and Mandalay Holiday Resort & Tourist Park.

With daily temperatures averaging between 20-30 degrees as you head up Australia’s Coral Coast and into Australia’s North West, you can chase the sun throughout winter and enjoy classic coastal roadtrips – even in winter!

Beach and swimming

You can have that sunny beach life all year round as long as you keep chasing the sun and the north of WA has awesome warm weather throughout winter so you can bask in the sunshine, feel the sand under your toes, and go for salty dips!


Cast a line and fish for your dinner. Nothing tastes better than a freshly caught fish with the satisfaction that you caught it yourself. There are many amazing spots to fish in WA, and as you head north along the coast you can find this soothing experience – Standing by the ocean waiting for a nibble with the bristle of afternoon breeze and a golden glow setting in on the horizon.


There are lots of snorkelling spots teeming with life along the WA coast and a popular favourite is Ningaloo Reef, Australia’s largest fringing coral reef that stretches more than 300 kilometres between the North West Cape and Red Bluff. It is perfect for snorkelling with warmer waters and close access from the beach or snorkel sites by boat.

Whales and Whale Sharks (Coral Coast)

Getting up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea is an incredible experience. In Exmouth you can swim with Whale Sharks from March to August and Humpback Whale Tours are operating from June to the end of October. Visit Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo to learn more.


Winter is the beginning of what astrophotographers have named Milky Way Season and if you’ve never seen it on a moonless country night in WA, then this is the time! See the sky come alive and sometimes the Milky Way looks so close you could almost touch it.


Along the Coral Coast and inland in Australia’s Golden Outback you can see the land become sprinkled in colour as blankets of wildflowers bloom between July and October before arriving in the South West later in the year.

Outback Offroad

Turning off the bitumen and feeling the gravel under your tyres as you leave a plume of red dust in your wake – that’s the feeling of Aussie outback freedom.

Gorgeous Gorges

Dip into the refreshing and secluded waters of WA’s gorges that are dotted along your roadtrip as you head North. With cascading red rock and clear refreshing waters, what more could you want.


One of the best ways to explore the wonder of the Kimberley is by water and there are a great range of cruises that take small groups to discover the best the region has to offer. If you are driving WA, there are options for leaving your vehicle at the starting location and then boarding a cruise for a week or two before returning to your vehicle to continue the adventure.

Some fantastic options to explore are Odyssey ExpeditionsDiscovery One Kimberley CruisesLady M Luxury CruisesKimberley Boat Cruises, and Go Horizontal Falls Tours.

Stunning Sunsets

Balmy beaches and stunning sunsets await you in WA’s north. Watching the sun cast a soft golden glow as it sinks beneath the water on the horizon is one of the most joyful ways to end a day of exploring.


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