Isuzu MU-X — Tow Your Own Way

If you plan to tow, then you’ll need a vehicle that not only talks the torque, but backs it up, each and every time.

Take the seven-seat Isuzu MU-X SUV, which has been long adored by families looking to be comfortable yet capable of embarking on adventurous escapades.

With 430Nm of torque on tap courtesy of the Isuzu 3-litre turbo diesel engine, the MU-X earns its endearing reputation amongst the towing community with a 3-tonne braked towing capacity. So whether it’s a caravan, horse float or trailer boat, the Isuzu MU-X has the pedigree of a workhorse, balanced with the performance of a true Thoroughbred to get you and your family to the desired destination.

The MU-X also provides plenty of space for the family to ensure you get to your destination easily. With a solid Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 5,750kg across the 4×4 MU-X range, this family favourite is ideal for those who don’t pack light.

If you don’t plan to venture off the tarmac, then there is significant savings to be had with the MU-X 4×2—still benefiting from 3-tonne braked towing and a GCM of 5,650kg—one of the highest regarded tow vehicles in the segment. So there is little surprise that this best-selling ute-based SUV often tops the list when shopping for the family steed or tourer.

If you are planning on towing up to 3-tonne, then it is important to remember that towing will change the way you usually drive, making it essential that you are fully prepared for what the haul may bring.

Previously, Isuzu UTE Australia provided some top tips for towing off-road and insight on How To Avoid Trailer Sway, so if you are looking for some extra tricks to stay in the know, check out Isuzu UTE Australia’s Featured Articles for more information.

But to put it simply, ensure you are not tackling obstacles too fast when you have something in tow and ensure you are taking corners slower than usual. It is also important to pack your load so the weight is distributed equally and remember, when it comes to towing, slow and steady will always win the race!

Instilling confidence whilst on the road, the entire 19MY Isuzu MU-X range is backed by an extensive Dealer Network of over 150 sites and the comprehensive ‘Service Plus 6-7-7’ care package; encompassing a 6 Year Warranty, 7 years Roadside Assistance and 7 years Capped Price Servicing—for worry free motoring.

Whether it’s navigating the streets of suburbia during the week or eating up the miles with the caravan in tow on the weekend, the Isuzu MU-X is geared for any adventure and ready to Tow Your Own Way.

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