WestOz Water Filters

Are you frustrated, disappointed, even angry with the quality of water coming into your home?

Maybe you are concerned regarding the safety of your rainwater or bore water and water for when you go camping?

Many people share their stories with us in how the water is affecting their skin after a shower; how the chlorine taste forces them to buy bottled water, which has become expensive over the years; how time is wasted in keeping the shower glass clean of calcium build-up, to look clearer for only a day; replacing the hot water system every five years, when is should last 15 years.


We at WestOz water Filters listen to your water related issues, asking more questions to make sure we have heard you.

Based on what you have shared with us – where you live, water issues, number of people in the home, where to install the system, plumbing choices – we then give our recommendation to serve your needs best.


We have sourced four of the best plumbers to cover all Perth Metro areas – considerate, professional, trustworthy, and well-priced.


Once you become our customer, we look after you by emailing reminders for cartridge changes.
We give you the tools to change your own cartridges.
Our replacement cartridges are discounted as Our Valued Customer pricing.

We have a 24-hour turnaround in addressing your queries.


Caravan, Motorhome (RV) & Camping – Hard Water in WA

From firsthand experience, we know the importance of having high quality water when traveling.

We also know the inconvenience of the hot water system, toilet or shower malfunctioning due to high calcium (hard) water.

We have devised a three-stage system to filter water before going into your RV, that will protect those appliances and provide safe drinking water.

Our Values

Knowledge: We possess extensive expertise in Perth and WA water quality, ensuring we recommend the ideal filter system for each unique situation.
Joy: From our first interaction, we bring joy by knowing we make a positive difference in your family’s and community’s lives.
Flexibility: We seamlessly adapt to your needs, offering tailored solutions that fit your specific circumstances.
Team: From the moment you reach out, we consider you a part of our team, recognizing and catering to your individual water filtration needs.

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