Camping Mat Warehouse

Camping Mat Warehouse is the proud supplier of Australia’s Favourite Recycled Camping Mats. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made our camping mats the top choice for campers across the country.

Our unique designs are crafted using UV-stabilised recycled water bottles, resulting in a light and durable mat that stands up to the rigors of outdoor adventures. The material is specifically engineered to allow dirt and sand particles to pass through easily, keeping your camping area clean. Additionally, our mats are non-slip, grass-friendly, and beloved by all types of campers.

We offer a wide range of sizes to suit different camping setups, whether you’re using a caravan, motorhome, tent, swag or rooftop camping configuration. With our camping mats, you can make the outdoors feel as comfortable as home, allowing you to relax and enjoy nature without worry of uncomfortable surfaces.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the outdoor lifestyle, Camping Mat Warehouse is your one-stop shop for high quality camping mats. Join the ranks of satisfied campers who have discovered the comfort and reliability of Australia’s Favourite Camping Mat.

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