Towing Clinics

Towing a caravan, camper trailer or a 5th wheeler requires skills and knowledge of not only the way your car handles when towing but also the conditions and emergency situations that can happen.

There are courses available for all levels of experience. If you have not towed before then we strongly recommend taking a beginners course. You may have experience towing a trailer but if you have upgraded to a caravan then how different is that, especially as a 60 metre road train whips past doing 100km an hour and the pull experienced by the caravan, take a refresher course. Towing a 5th wheeler? It is a unique experience and these can be bigger rigs than you have experienced before, learn how to tow them.

There are a number of service providers who can help you, please refer to our individual member listings for information.

Courses offered vary from beginners for new or inexperienced caravanners, to those for the experienced driver who is venturing off road and the requirements for 4WD towing and driving.

Courses cover a number of areas – safe vehicle recovery, different tow ball options, chains and shackles, weight distribution equipment, mirrors, radio, brakes, wheel bearings, jacks, tyres and many other facets of practical caravanning tips and advice.

Head to our Caravan Towing website for more information.

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