Off The Beaten Path

We are lucky to live in an expansive state with natural wonderlands all around us.

Plenty of people craven when it comes to exploring the unique biodiversity present in our state, however if you go off the beaten track, you might just stumble upon a hidden gem.

For those willing to take the road less travelled but aren’t sure whether their caravan is suitable, Western Australian Association of Caravan Clubs Secretary Richard Palmer said going off the  beaten path was not as it sounds and you didn’t need an off-road caravan.

“Many roads to these exciting places are suitable for a normal caravan to access,” he said.

“Some people think because they have a normal caravan, they are restricted to travelling on sealed roads only.

“While there are many tracks suitable only for off-roaders, there are also many which can be negotiated carefully with a normal setup.

“The many sights and camping sites you can access will make your trip worthwhile.”

For those willing to adventure out, WA is dotted with some great locations.

“Some off the beaten track locations accessible with a normal van could be as close to home as Hoffman’s Mill, Nanga Brook Camping Area, or Wellington Dam, where you can drive around some  of the shore to find a good camping spot,” Mr Palmer said.

“Further away some places you can go include Mount Augustus the largest monolith in Australia, Barn Hill, 80 mile beach, as well as station stays, where there are usually no sealed roads but great places to go to with many activities associated with station life.”

Mr Palmer recommended checking on road conditions with Main Roads or the local government regarding road conditions where you are.

For those thinking of making the trip, Mr Palmer said you need to keep a few things in mind.

“I would certainly encourage more people to explore our vast state,” he said.

“If you are ‘going bush’, there are some things to consider such as letting people know where you are going and your expected return.

“Also having a good first aid kit with you is essential. A good Sat Nav is advisable along with the St John First Responder app in your phone.

“As always bear in mind that travelling these unsurfaced  roads needs more care and attention to your driving.”

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