Camping Makes For Happy Customers

We often hear the phrase “happy campers”, but are campers really that happy?

A recent study by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia found campers were happier, more socially and environmentally conscious and closer to their loved ones than Australians who did not camp.

The study consisted of two different surveys. The first survey looked at a sample of 750 people who enjoyed caravanning and camping, examining their experiences, while the second survey consisted of a panel of 1000 Australians who had not caravanned or camped in the past 20 years.

It looked at how satisfied they were with their everyday lives and the reasons they had chosen not to camp in the past 20 years.

For the purpose of the study, the term camping included trips taken in swags, tents, tent trailers, camper trailers, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and cabins.

“Australians who go camping are more satisfied, happy, optimistic and energised than those who do not go camping,” the report said.

“They are also less stressed, frustrated, bored and lonely. “What’s more, campers say camping makes them more productive, more grounded, more in touch with nature, healthier and gives them time to gather their thoughts.”

An impressive 85 per cent of campers felt close to their spouse, compared to five per cent of non-campers. The report also found campers felt closer to their children, grandchildren, parents, friends and community than non-campers.

Australians who go camping are more satisfied, happy, optimistic and energised than those who do not go camping.

“Something we seem to be hearing a lot these days is the need to escape the digital world and reconnect with loved ones in a relaxed environment, free from modern distractions,” the report said.

“Friends and families are taking to the roads in groups of all shapes and sizes, going on all kinds of adventures and making long-lasting memories together.”

Camping and caravanning are good ways to recover and increase health and wellbeing according to the report.

“More and more, we are seeing people use camping as a way of recovering from all sorts of illnesses,” the report said. “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be front of mind for our Aussie campers, with 68 per cent describing their level of health as somewhat or extremely healthy. “This is compared to only 50 per cent of non-campers.” 94 per cent of campers believed that camping recharged their batteries, according to the report, 85 per cent said camping allowed them to gather their thoughts and 83 per cent said it made them feel healthier.

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