Braking Systems

Braking Systems

All modern day caravans are required by law to have a braking system, together with a parking brake system. Depending on the age of the caravan, it will have a braking system on at least two wheels. The brakes will be operated by one of the following methods:

  • mechanical override
  • hydraulic override
  • electric

If the caravan is fitted with electric brakes the towing vehicle MUST be fitted with an electric brake controller. Without the controller there is no braking system operative on the caravan.

All types of braking systems require regular maintenance inspections, particularly if the caravan has been standing in the weather or if the caravan has been subject to high mileage. Removal of the wheel hubs is required to inspect or service the brakes.

Before the caravan is used the brakes should be tested to ensure they operate safely during the trip.

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