Benefits Abound For Young Caravanning Families

Relatively new to the caravanning caper, couple John and Tonya and their six-year-old daughter Zahlia have wholeheartedly embraced life on the road and all of the freedom that comes with it.

The trio have travelled to caravan and nature parks around the state in recent years, learning as they go abound the sorts of amenity available and the things they need to make it a fun experience for the whole family.

“We have found it important to understand what the park offers before we arrive, particularly for the younger ones, and plan our activities around the facilities on offer,” the couple said.

The entire camping experience is seen as an opportunity to get away from the city.

“We have now found several parks that we return to, as they are easily accessible and we understand exactly what they have to offer.”

Fortunately, the wide range of facilities and entertainment available at caravan parks and camping spots across the state have helped make memories joyful for all members of the family.

For Zahlia, features such as swimming pools, playgrounds, bouncy pillows, social activities run by the parks and onsite shops selling yummy treats like ice cream and lollies have created plenty of happy memories and provided show-and-tell fodder for her Year One class.

For John and Tonya, the pull of such amenity is it encourages their daughter to socialise with other kids and make new friends.

“Large, grassy, central and open play areas are important – we love sites where we can see our daughter playing with others without having to be right there with her,” they said.

“We have met some wonderful people away doing the same thing as us. Kids find it very easy to socialise in a park environment, as do parents.

“In the end, our favourite park features are the ones where Zahlia can meet other kids doing the same things she is.”

Features like ensuite sites allow Zahlia independence – a matter of great importance and freedom for someone her age. Meanwhile, communal barbecues allow the family to cook up a breakfast feast.

The entire camping experience is seen as an opportunity to get away from the city and have the sort of fun you couldn’t really experience at home – even in the car on the way there and back.

“We plan various activities on the road so our daughter will interact with the surrounding scenery, and with us,” John and Tonya said.

“We would rather put the effort into having her exploring than focused on an iPad, and we prepare a variety of activities for her to do along the way.”

Caravanning and camping are all about getting in touch with the outside world, and the range of amenity available at caravan and nature parks makes it easier than ever to get the whole family out of the house and into the great outdoors.


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