8 Ways To Add Some Adventure To Your 2020

Have a goal

Maybe your goal is to do a six-month adventure driving down the coast and seeing all the unique places along the way, or maybe it’s to do the rugged but beautiful stretch of The Great Central Road. Either way, choose a goal for yourself and work your way up to it. You can do shorter trips from your hometown to build up experience and slowly accumulate supplies/tech and additions for your vehicle so when the time comes for that big trip, you’ll be ready.

Get Inspired

There are so many people exploring our amazing state and sharing their journeys! Get your dose of inspiration by following the travels of people that interest you, listen to podcasts, start engaging with the community, and think where it could take you.

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Keep it Simple

Getting in touch with nature can be as rugged and off-grid as you choose to make it. If you’re not at the “live off the land and fish for your dinner” level, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the delights of a good weekend getaway.

Grab some mates or your family, a tent or book a chalet, pack snacks and a few drinks and head to one of the amazing caravan parks near you in our great state. There are lots of caravan parks situated near beautiful towns and landscapes so you can balance doing bushwalks, summer swims or winter marshmallow toasting, and then head into town for your meals and morning coffees – too easy!

Get Gifted

When birthdays and special occasions roll around, you know everyone close to you will be out looking to get you the perfect present. Why not help them out and create a little list of gear you need for future adventures. They’ll have an easier time shopping and you’ll have more gifts that you’ll actually use… and love!

Change the way you start each day

This might seem like a strange way to get more adventure but it’s easy to get tangled in our daily life and the things we really want to do get pushed further and further and back… sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

We suggest starting your day with a little breathing and meditation – it doesn’t have to be long, even if you can spend 2 minutes in the morning where you focus on your body, your breathing, and think about what you are striving towards. Let’s do this!

Prepare your mind

If you want to get off the beaten track (and let’s face it, we all do) there is a bit more preparation required for your vehicle, but also for your mind.

There is always the possibility of a few hitches on your road trip and that’s what makes it exciting, but it is important to know how to get back on track and how to do it safely.

Do your own research but also take part in a course that is suited to the kind or driving experience you are seeking and get hands-on practical experience and knowledge from experts which can make all the difference if you hit a snag on the trip.

Some great options include Global Gypsies who offer towing and 4WD training, and Eureka 4WD Training offers recreational 4×4 driving courses, including sessions tailored to different types of terrain.

The sooner you get prepared, the more time that leaves for adventures!

Set up an adventure piggy bank

It sounds like one of those things you do as a kid but y’know, it can be a savings account too – it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Most adventures close to home can be done on the cheap but if you have a big adventure planned and need to invest in some gear or equipment, this is a good way to start taking those steps and making those dreams a reality.

Create a WA Adventure Vision Board

Create a vision board with all the amazing places in WA you’d like to visit to help you focus on the daily tasks that will enable you to get there! Let’s make 2020 the year we seek a little more adventure!

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