10 Essentials For Camp Trip Packing

1.    Something to sleep in + warm bedding

There is a range of different options here depending on your style and type of camping trip. You can go for a tent, rooftop tent, swag, or you might be someone who has a sleeping set-up in your vehicle. Either way ensure you have a comfy mattress and cosy bedding.


2.    Water – and a lot of it

Bringing drinking water is just good common sense. You can keep hydrated and then refill your bottles/containers whenever you have the opportunity. Even if your chosen campsite offers free drinking water, it is still worth having someone hand and then you can refill.

A good habit is also travelling with water purifying tablets in your first aid kit (just in case).

3.    Cooking Gear

This will vary depending on fire bans, the facilities at your caravan park/campsite but consider these when planning and then don’t forget to bring the essentials… no one want to go hungry! Whether it’s a pan set, BBQ tools, portable camp stove, don’t forget it! And there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting a can opener for those quick meals and a lighter/matches.


4.    Food Storage

Your esky/camp fridge, Tupperware for leftovers, and bring washing up materials too!

5.    Torches and lighting

A camping trip can take a dark turn quickly without the proper lighting. To shed some light on this situation we suggest a headlamp (bright enough for exploring, cooking on site, and maybe even playing cards), and a camping lantern that can hang or stand, and spare batteries (always bring spare batteries!)

6.    Camping Chairs and Table

Essential for daily tasks (cooking etc.) and leisure. Somewhere to have a meal or chill out with your morning cuppa


7.    First Aid Kit

This can often be that one thing you don’t think about… until you really need it. Be cautious and be safe by bringing essentials for you camping first aid kit.


8.    Insect Repellent

This is another one that you often don’t think about until you need it. Don’t get bugged on your trip.


9.    Camping Toolkit

A few basic tools that will help make your camping trip a breeze are a mallet/hammer, extra pegs and rope, dustpan and broom, and the old faithful, duct tape.

10.    All-weather gear

When you’re camping and more exposed to the elements it is so important to prepare for anything. Bring clothing for all temperatures and always have what you need in case of rain like an umbrella, raincoat, and weatherproof footwear.


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